Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Rangers Game

For Memorial Day, My brother and sister-in-law, Ryan and Kate asked us to go to the Rangers/Yankees game with them. This was Brian and I's first trip to the ballpark this year (hopefully, not the last) and we were happy it was against the Yankees! Sadly, Ryan called Monday morning to say that Kate was sick and she couldn't go. Missed you Kate! The excited seat filler was Caleb! We were sad Kate couldn't come but glad that Caleb was able to enjoy the game with us!

We got there, found our seats and I waited until the game started to get the most important thing at the ballpark - NACHOS! They were good! It was very HOT that day and even though I smeared on the sunscreen, I still came out with some lovely sunburn. It was mostlty the Yankees hitting expedition more than a game. They beat the Rangers 11 - 1 but I was so glad that Nelson Cruz hit a home-run in the 9th so I could see the fireworks.

It was a great Memorial Day with our family. The Rangers honored all the men and women in our armed forces. A great reminder of how blessed we all are!

The boys on their way to the Ballpark in Arlington

All of us and Nolan Ryan (love that the pic makes me look pregnant - I'm not - it's the shadow!) :-)

The Memorial Day tributes - American Flag in Centerfield; Helicopter Fly-over

A-Rod playing third; the boys loved this guy's shirt - A-Roid

Ryan's favorite: Ian Kinsler batting; Micheal Young batting

Me and my bro

The Dot Race - Red won!

Great view of the sold-out ballpark; the new Cowboys Stadium

Some guy proposed and she said Yes!

Finally Fireworks to cap off a wonderful day!


Josh and Shan said...

Ahhhhhh, nachos

The Killough's said...

Good choice Ryan, gotta love Ian!!