Monday, March 2, 2009

Rockwall/Royse City Shower

My Rockwall/Royse City bridal shower was Saturday, February 28 at 2pm at Sharon Fox's house in Poetry. As soon as Brian and I got engaged, Sharon grabbed me at church and told me she wanted to host a shower for me at her house and it finally came on Saturday. Sharon's house is so beautiful inside and out and I loved every minute of the shower.

It was a cold day but so many family and friends came! I was so thankful to each person I saw walk through the door. Saturdays are so busy and I know it takes a lot of people's time to carve out a couple of hours for anything else. The fruit and poundcakes were great. There were many different kinds of poundcakes so everybody could find something they liked. I opened presents for a long time...everytime I thought I was close to being done - 2 or 3 more would appear! I didn't mind that :-)

We received so many great things - things we really needed. Brian got there at the end and he was so surprised to see how many items we had received. We loaded it all in his truck and when we got home, I let him open all the bags again so he could see what we got for the first time. It was so much fun!

All of the food and beautiful decorations

Me and my hostesses; My grandmother, me and my Mom

I love anything monogrammed - E!!!

One of the two crock-pots we received - you can never have too many!

Look at all of the gifts given by our amazing family and friends!

Shannon and the warming pot - I know she wanted it really bad; Me and the Grable family (minus Susan - missed ya) - I informed them I was the 5th Grable sister now!

Me and Most of the Ladies from Brian's family!

Me and My Cousin, Aunts, Grandmother and Mom - The Ladies of my family!

I love this photo - where did all the presents go? In my room - I found a place to sleep somewhere :-)


Josh and Shan said...

I really did want that warming pot! I will have to invest in one!!

Kati said...

your bed is hilarious with all that stuff! we got 2 crock-pots too...and still have 2!

The Killough's said...

You got so much great stuff! I know you can't wait to use it all!!

Goob said...

it was such a nice shower!!!
I want to see your bridals! I looked on Melanies website but didn't see how to log on to yours!

The McIntires said...

I missed being there and seeing all your fun stuff!

stephanie said...

i just got your wedding invitation!!! .... and this shower's invitation! :(