Monday, March 30, 2009

Brian's Surprise Birthday Dinner

Friday night I told Brian that he and I were going to eat at Primo's for his birthday dinner. I told him I had made reservations at 6:45 pm and we needed to be there by then so we didn't lose our reservation! He didn't know that I had called his family and mine and wanted to surprise with having everybody there for dinner. I was so surprised I didn't give it away b/c I want to tell him so many times but he didn't have a clue until we pulled into the Primo's parking lot and he saw cars that looked familiar.

I had told our family to be there at 6:30 pm so when we walked in they were all sitting there waiting for us! Brian said he was very surprised and I'm so glad we were able to pull it off! I loved my enchiladas there too - they were great! We will be making a return visit!

Afterwards, we went back to my parent's house for cake and presents. Mom made Brian's favorite cake - yellow cake with chocolate icing. He blew the candles out and opened presents. We all watched while we were warming up by the fire place - it was so cold that night!

Thanks to our family for helping make Brian's birthday extra special! He said he had a Wonderful Birthday! Mission Accomplished!

Everybody at Primo's (Rob and the boys came a little later)

Me & The Birthday Boy; Kam's self-portrait

Brian's Birthday Cake

Brian blowing out the candles and opening presents


BigHead said...

I would have dressed alittle better if I would have known we were meeting people there. But you did surprise me. Thank you.

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday BigHead :)

Kati said...

That's Ryan's favorite cake too...yellow with chocolate icing. :)