Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yes, it's March Madness Time again! It's time to fill out your bracket and see who will win the NCAA Basketball Tournament! I have a Yahoo! Group competition going on between my two brothers, my Dad, Brian, Rob, Caleb and Me so we will see who comes out victorious! When I first started the bracketing in 2006 - I won my group - Yes - beginner's luck you would say but I say it was all strategy :-)

I was so excited that my alma mater Stephen F Austin State University made the NCAA tournament but that Joy was soon diminshed when they were chosen to play Syracuse in the first round. But hey, miracles can happen and they often do in the NCAA Tournament.

So Happy Bracketing and Good Luck to All! I will reveal the results after the championship game is played on April 6 to let you know who won in our group! (of course it probably won't be revealed until April 13 as I will be cruising April 5 - 12!!!!) :-)


BigHead said...

I am so glad you said "YES" to me.

stephanie said...

Caleb just got on the computer to check on his bracket. He can't wait to see who wins.