Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wedding Shopping Saturday

I am not stressed or overwhelmed...yet! I'm really trying to keep everything in perspective and just take care of all things wedding one day at a time. So far that is working for me and I pray that won't change. All I know is I am getting married April 4, 2009 whether everything is done or not (except for the license, preacher, and witness - and I've got that covered)!

On that note, Mom and I hit the town early Saturday morning to tackle some things on our list.
  1. We went to U-Rent It in Terrell to see about rentals for decorations, etc...
  2. Next, we stopped by our Reception Venue - the Center at Rockwall to get another look at the layout and to see how much room we really had.
  3. Then it was onto Taylor's Rental in Garland to see what they had and we weren't that impressed so it looks like it will be U-Rent It.
  4. We headed over to Garden Ridge in Plano to find some vases for my centerpieces and they had nothing that we wanted...but I was still positive we would find something
  5. We landed at Sam Moon (yea!!) next to find jewelry for the wedding. I found a couple of earrings and necklaces to choose from. But of course, while we were there, we had to get purses and wallets. I love Sam Moon!
  6. We then enjoyed our wonderful lunch from Jason's Deli - love the California Club!
  7. Sam's Club here we come - they have flowers there and cost much less than flower shops so we went to see what they had and when we needed to order our flowers by.
  8. Off to Wal-Mart - can't shop and not stop there so we did - tried to find vases for my centerpieces and yet, they didn't have what I wanted either - bummer!
  9. Last, but not least - it was Hobby Lobby time. We actually did find some vases there that I liked and they were 50% off - can't go wrong there!

Yes, we hit all those stores in one day - we were very tired but I feel like we got A LOT accomplished. It was a great day with my mom and makes me very excited that we are less than 3 months away! Yea!

My new purse and wallet


BigHead said...

Wow, Yall really did get alot done. I guess I need to get started on all of my stuff.

Goob said...

wow, you are the woman!!! did you look at the sale place in Mesquite for rental for the wedding? I know the manager there! so does B!

also I was thinking about your invitations, have you got those yet?
can't wait to get back home and talk to you! we will be home sat. love you