Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time Change

Brian and I are officially getting married at 4pm on April 4, 2009! The 4pm time is very important b/c we didn't know if we would be able to have it then. Because our church had Saturday night church, we were only able to have our ceremony at 3pm. At first, I wanted the wedding at 6pm b/c I love evening weddings but then we decided we would like to have it at 4pm so we could get on the road before we leave for our cruise on Sunday. But our church still had Saturday night church until 2 weeks ago, when we got our letter in the mail stating Sat night church had been cancelled. I emailed about moving the wedding to 4pm and I got the official word today that we could! Yea! This also gives us more time to set up for the reception! I'm very happy about this!

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Kati said...

that is so great! i know that is a huge relief for you :)