Monday, November 3, 2008

My Weekend Home

This Saturday, after Caleb's football game, Brian and I along with Ryan and Kate all headed to Hughes Springs (where I grew up and graduated and where Ryan lived until 8th grade). We went to stay with my adopted grandmother, Joyce Jackson. Joyce and Earl (who passed away a couple of years ago) have been a part of my life ever since I was born and they claimed us as her own children and we love it. I hadn't seen her since Brian and I got engaged and I wanted to see her before Christmas, so off we went. Greg and my nieces were at my parent's house - where we met Ryan and Kate before we left - and they sat out on the front of the house to wave bye to us.

So stinkin' cute!!!

We went by, picked Joyce up and headed off to one of my most favorite places to eat in the world = David Beard's Catfish Village. They have the best catfish, coleslaw and hush puppies!!! To say I stuffed myself is an understatement. It's all you can eat so I ate all of it I could - it was so great!

Kate, Ryan, Joyce, Me and Brian all with our menus

Our catfish plate was getting low so they came and refilled it!

We went back to Joyce's for the night and played cards! We are a card playing family and I think we've got Brian broken in! They were very intense games and Kate won the first game and Ryan won the second. We had the Texas/Texas Tech game going on in the background so by the end of the second game, Brian and Ryan were pretty upset after watching the Longhorns lose.

Kate won!!!

Sunday, we woke up and had the wonderful breakfast Joyce had cooked for us. Brian and I walked down to the pond and enjoyed the quiet time and then it was off to the church I attended for 18 years of my life. It was where I was baptized and I love going back to the small church feel. It was nice to catch up with everybody and to introduce Brian to them all. After church, we went to eat at the Wildflower Restuarant - another all you can eat buffet!

Joyce & Earl's pond - Brian really wanted to shoot some ducks

We all went back to Joyce's to get our things but before we did, we took a couple of pictures b/c it was such a pretty autumn day! Thanks to Ryan and Kate for going with us - we had a good time! It was a great, quick trip to Hughes Springs and nice just to get away.

Brian and I

Ryan and Kate

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