Thursday, November 20, 2008

Exit Row - Seat 21A

Today it was off to Glendale, AZ! It's the last conference of the year so I'm trying to take a lot of pics and document everything. It was my last trip to the airport for the year. I'm sure the Park'n'Fly people will miss me. So I got to the airport, got my seat and was ready to go! When I book my flight, (I usually fly on AA's MD 80 planes) I always make sure I get seat 21A. Why you ask?

1) It's an exit row - more leg room!
2) It's a window seat - have to be able to see outside
3) It's the exit row where the seats lean back - exit row 20 does not.

My seat!

Once I sat down, the person is seat 21B sat down. I usually say Hi and go back to my own world but this person wanted to talk so I did! His name is Brooks Baldwin and plays for the Horse Power Tee Shot Tour. He was a nice guy but then about halfway through the flight, he and the guy behind him start arguing. The guy behind him was mad b/c he leaned his seat back...this lead to a very heated argument but thankfully it was just verbal and not physical. I was ready to take cover if so. Craziness!

We went to get a taxi and since there were a lot of Women of Faith staff on the flight, and we all wanted to ride together, it worked out to where it didn't cost much per person to take a limo. So we did and rode in style to our hotel - fun times!

Riding in style!

We then went to the arena to see what our Production Crew had put together. Since it's the last show, the production crew put together a mocumentary for us to see. They played it on the screens in the arena. They had popcorn for us and we enjoyed the show. It was such a fun show!

All of us ready to watch

Our Production Crew taking over the Women of Faith stage and screens!