Monday, October 20, 2008

St. Paul, MN

I'm back from St. Paul and it was a good working trip. St. Paul was a last minute addition to my schedule so I made my flights to get and out so I could get home b/c I have Houston this weekend. The conference at St Paul was great - over 14,000 women came and over 3,000 decisions - God is so good!

St. Paul is beautiful this time of year and I loved looking at the colors from my hotel room. After the conference on Saturday, Breanna and I decided to go to the St. Paul Cathedral b/c it looks gorgeous from afar so we wanted to see it up close. We didn't get there until the evening but it was so pretty all lit up. We went inside and caught the very end of mass and listened to the pipe organ and the music filling the cathedral - to say I loved it is an understatement - I think Brian and I are going to get married there even though we aren't Catholic! I took a lot of pictures and it was very cold outside when I was doing it! Next stop: Houston this weekend - staying in the great state of Texas!

Downtown St. Paul - Minneaopolis skyline in the background

Xcel Energy Center - where the conference was held and where the Republican National Convention was held a month earlier

The Capitol Building in St. Paul

The Cathedral during the day and The Cathedral at night

Inside the cathedral; The pipe organ

Breanna and I having a good time!

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