Sunday, October 5, 2008

Birthday Celebration

I made it back from San Jose, CA just in time to get to the birthday celebration at the Bradley household! It was time to celebrate Greg and Ryan's birth! Greg's birthday was Friday and Ryan's is this Friday, the 10th. Greg turned 30 and Ryan turns 22 so it was time to party. I always love seeing my family but I was more excited b/c Rob, Stephanie and the boys got to come too and everybody could finally meet!

Mom whipped up a lovely meal, as always, the meat came from Soulman's but all the fixin's she made were fantastic. How in the world did I not get my mom's cooking gene? After we stuffed ourselves, we watched the boys open their presents and then ate birthday cake. Melody made Greg's bday cake and Nestle Tollhouse made Ryan's cookie cake - they both were great!

It was a fun evening of love and laughter! I love birthdays and family gatherings and am so glad everybody could come! Happy Birthday to Greg and Ryan!

Kiersi baking like her Mom

Mom in her kitchen with all the food

Ryan and Greg with their birthday cakes

Kate's parents came too! Me and my man

Stephanie and Kiersi reading People - Kiersi & Brian's hands

Ryan acting like he didn't know what his present was - Brian and I wrapped his present so well!

Everybody watching the gifts being opened

Everybody enjoying their cake!

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