Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beth Moore Weekend

This past weekend was the Beth Moore Live Simulcast at my church FBC Rockwall. I had been looking forward to this since I first learned our church would be a host church for the simulcast! It couldn't have come at a better time just b/c of life's challenges and things going on at this present time. I just needed time to dwell in God's word and just to listen to what He had to say to me. It was Friday night and Saturday morning. Travis Cottrell and the praise team led the music and it was amazing! I love worshipping the Lord in song. As Travis and the praise team led us in the song: In Christ Alone, I just felt it was me and God in the room one on one. Loved it!

The simulcast orginated from Louisville, Kentucky. Beth taught from Luke 8:1-16 on how we can have a Maximum Impact which can lead to our own 100-fold harvest. While that was our main scripture, we referenced a lot of scripture that went right along with Luke 8. Beth is such a gift from God and really knows how to relate to everyone. You feel like she is speaking directly to you and it was definitely what I needed to hear. She said so many profound things that I will take with me. God is so good!

I enjoyed the conference time so much but I also enjoyed the fellowship. I had a great time with great friends God has blessed me with. I had a wonderful talk with my friend, Kati, Friday night. Saturday morning, I enjoyed breakfast with Lindsey and for lunch Saturday, I got to enjoy the company of Stephanie, Meredith and Shannon. Stephanie and I were so excited Sat night to find that Travis Cottrell has a blog too! Thanks girls for a great weekend!

Susan and Stephanie; Me and Stephanie; Shannon and Stephanie

All of us ready to hear Beth and our group photo after the Friday session

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