Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Weekend

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! My weekend was filled with family and fun! I cannot believe 10 years ago my family and I were in Washington DC for the 4th of July! My dad and mom had planned this trip for a long time and we took a 2 week vacation and drove up the east coast and spent the 4th on the steps of the Capitol. It was a great trip with great memories! 10 years later, I had another great 4th with many memories! This blog is long with lots of pictures but I had so many to share!

On the 4th, we all headed down to Lindale, TX for the Neely family get-together (you could call it a reunion, but we don't - I don't know why). Anyway, it was a great time to see everybody and Brian got to meet all my extended family. My uncle Donald, who lives in Panama, made his yearly trip up and brought his daughter, Zenia, (my mom's cousin) and her family who hadn't been here in a while. I love my family soooooo much and had an amazing time!

On our way to Lindale

Brian and I

Kiersi, Nana, & Kayden - beautiful girls!

All my family

Ryan & Kate opening presents - including mine!

1) My grandmother (in the pink) and her sister & brothers
2) Uncle Donald and his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren
3) The Bradley family

So tired after a long day with the family

My great-grandmother's house - so many great memories here

Saturday, the 5th, I slept in, went shopping and bought some new clothes (yea!) and then we went over to Brian's aunt and uncle's house. Brian's cousin, Foster, was in town for the weekend so we went over to see him. I love Brian's family so much - they are so much fun! Foster brought his friend, Dan, in for the weekend and Foster's friend Grant was over for the fun too. We had Kam's great bbq and Pam's wonderful sides and dessert - makes me hungry just thinking about it. It was all so good!

Cade learned to ride his bike without his training wheels so he wanted to show everybody. Once Cade started riding, everybody else wanted to ride so everybody got on Kam's bike to show they could ride too! After the bike show, it was off to the movies to see Hancock. After they got the projector to start working (we got a free movie pass b/c of it) we sat back and enjoyed the movie! Can't wait to hang out with the Miller family again!

Foster & Cade - with his gun and sword

Brian measuring Stephanie's muscle and a close-up of us

Cade, Foster & Caleb all riding the bike

Brian, Grant & Dan can all ride the bike too!

Today, time for church! I hadn't been in two weeks (for good reasons!) so it was so nice to be home and at church with everybody. The sermon and Sunday School lesoon was fantastic! After church, our class went to Saltgrass for lunch. We had a good times as seen below in the pic! I love my SS class!

Tonight, Brian and I celebrated our 11 month anniversary (it was actually Sat but we celebrated today). We ordered pizza and watched Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins! We love that movie! It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend!

Sunday School class at lunch

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