Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Best Grilled Cheese Ever!

We (Me and my co-workers) went to eat at Chocolate Angel today and I had the best grilled cheese I've every had! My co-worker Mika told me it was really good so I had to try it and it was fantastic. If you ever go to Chocolate Angel, try it! It was Terri's goodbye/goodluck lunch b/c she is leaving us :-( but we all had a good time. Plus, I told them about my blog and they were very excited about it!!! My co-workers are the best!

Let's Toast!

Everybody Smile!

After work, I headed off to Firewheel to buy a top from Express that I found Friday night at our Girl's Night Out but did not get at the time. I was praying that it would still be there and it was -just waiting for me to buy it! I was so excited! I now need some black capris - I looked at Firewheel and didn't find any I liked so I am now on a mission to find some! I also bought Kayden's (my niece) birthday present. Melody said she needed some shoes for summer so I bought her some cute sandals - size 4 for her little feet! They are so precious! I know this blog will not ruin the surprise for Kayden since she will be 1 and will be more excited about tearing up the bag the present comes in than the present!

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Allie said...

I must try that grilled cheese! Happy weekend.