Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Great Weekend

Another weekend over and another week begins. This past weekend was great and I really enjoyed every bit of it. As you can tell from the post below, Friday night was Girl's Night Out and we had a fabulous time! Saturday, I got up and met Brian, Stephanie and Cade at Chiloso (for pictures, see Stephanie's Blog). I really enjoyed my bacon, egg and cheese breakfast taco! After that, it was off to the ballfields to see Caleb & Cade play. It was both or their last games and they both did really good. Caleb's game was first and he did so well - he hit a homerun - very impressive! Then it was off to Cade's game and he played very well also - he hit well and did a good job playing pitcher.

Caleb hitting the ball

Cade hitting the ball

Brian, Cade & Caleb

After the games, Brian and I went to Whataburger and ate with his Grandad (Pop) and Rob and the boys. After a good nap, I saw Brian, Rob and the boys off to the Dallas Desperados' game. It was Brian's birthday present and from what I hear, they had a great time - I'm very happy he liked his present! Now he and Rob want season tickets - I'll work on that :-) So, what's a girl to do on Saturday night with no plans? - call up a good friend and that's what I did - Leilani and I went and ate at Rice Paper (Vietnamese food). I had the Shrimp Fest and it was wonderful! It's so great just to hang out and talk. I'm sure they were ready for us to leave after our two hour stay - there was just so much to talk about!

Sunday, it was off to church. Brian taught our Sunday School class and did a very good job. The Scripture was from 1 Samuel and talked about David and Jonathan's relationship. David trusted Jonathan, even though Jonathan was Saul's son and Saul wanted to kill David. Trust is very important in relationships and sometimes we trust people and get hurt but know that you can always trust God - He will never let you down!

After church, Brian and I went and ate at Chilis. I went home, read a little, took a little nap and Brian and I went to his storage building to get some baseball cards for Caleb and Cade. I don't think he had any of Cal Ripken Jr but that's ok - I have one! We stopped by Rob and Stephanie's to talk about this coming Memorial Day weekend (we are going to Holly Lake Ranch -yea!!!) and then it was back home. It was fun filled weekend with good times with friends and the Estes Family and I loved every minute of it!!!

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